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“How Readest Thou?”
An Urgent Appeal to Search the Scriptures

“The question before your eyes is 1800 years old. It was asked by our Lord Jesus Christ. It was asked concerning the Bible.

“I invite you to examine and consider this question. I warn you, it is just as mighty and important now as it was on the day when it came from our Lordís lips. I want to apply it to the conscience of every one who reads this paper, and to knock at the door of his heart. I would fain sound a trumpet in the ear of every one who speaks English, and cry aloud, ‘How readest thou? Dost thou read the Bible?’

“Why do I hold this question to be of such mighty importance? Why do I press it on the notice of every man, as a matter of life and death? Give me your attention for a few minutes, and you shall see. Follow me through these pages, and you shall hear why I ask, ‘How readest thou? Dost thou read the Bible?’”

Pbck, 68 pages, ISBN 0-9677603-3-x, $4.95.

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