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Light From Old Times
Protestant Facts and Men

Writing to his “children’s children,” Bishop Ryle reminds the modern church that many of the Protestant truths we take for granted were bought and paid for with the lives of faithful saints who went before us.
“There are certain facts in history which the world tries hard to forget and ignore. These facts get in the way of some of the world’s favourite theories and are highly inconvenient. The consequence is that the world shuts its eyes against them. They are either cut dead as vulgar intruders, or passed by as tiresome bores. Little by little they sink out of sight of the students of history, like ships in a distant horizon, or are left behind like a luggage train in a siding. Of such facts the subject of this paper is a vivid example: ‘The Burning of our English Reformers; and the Reason why they were Burned.’”

Vol. I of the collected works, hardcover, 430 Smyth-sewn pages, foreword by Douglas Wilson, chronological timeline of the Reformation, & original line art from Foxe's Book of Martyrs, ISBN 0-9677603-0-5, $29.95. Table of Contents

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