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Shall We Know One Another?
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“I pity that man who never thinks about heaven. I use that word in the broadest and most popular sense. I mean by “heaven” the future dwelling-place of all true Christians, when the dead are raised, and the world has passed away. Cold and unfeeling must that heart be which never gives a thought to that dwelling place! Dull and earthly must that mind be which never considers ‘heaven’! We may die any day. ‘In the midst of life we are in death.’ We must all die sooner or later. The youngest, the fairest, the strongest, the cleverest, all must go down one day before the scythe of the King of Terrors. This world shall not go on forever as it does now. Its affairs shall at last be wound up. The King of kings will come, and take His great power, and reign. The judgment shall be set, the books opened, the dead raised, the living changed. And where do we all hope to go then? Why, if we know anything of true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we hope to go to ‘heaven.’ Surely there is nothing unreasonable in asking men to consider the subject of heaven.”

Paperback, 68 pages, table of contents, ISBN 0-9677603-6-4, $5.95.

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