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The Christian Race and Other Sermons

In 1900, shortly after Bishop Ryle resigned his bishopric, and just three months before his death in the same year, these 24 sermons were gathered together by Archdeacon Madden as a tribute to Ryle’s 60 year ministry. And no doubt these sermons prove Ryle’s axiom, “If you want to heat a church, put a stove in the pulpit.”
“I see in my mind’s eye the business of that awful day—the great white throne, the assembled millions, the open books, the heavens departing as a scroll, the earth and the works that are therein melting with fervent heat; I hear the archangel’s trump summoning the dead from north and south and east and west, and I tremble to think how those will fare who have received the grace of God in vain.”
Hardcover, vol. III of the
collected works, 300 Smyth-sewn pages, ISBN 0-9677603-8-0, $29.95. Table of Contents

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