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Thoughts for Young Men

“What young men will be, in all probability, depends on what they are now, and they seem to forget this.
“Youth is the seedtime of full age—the moulding season in the little space of human life—the turning point in the history of man’s mind. By the shoot we judge of the tree—by the blossoms we judge of the fruit—by the spring we judge of the harvest—by the morning we judge of the day—and by the character of the young man, we may generally judge what he will be when he grows up....
“Habits, like trees, are strengthened by age. A boy may bend an oak, when it is a sapling—a hundred men cannot root it up, when it is a full-grown tree.”

Unabridged paperback, 68 pages, ISBN 0-9677603-9-9, $5.95, Table of Contents.

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