Over the years we have found ourselves indebted to the services of Soli Deo Gloria and The Banner of Truth Trust for their wonderful commitment to the gospel via the printed page. In a day marked by neglect, their fidelity, though unnoticed by many, is to be commended. Apart from their labors, the foundations may well have been removed; and to them we tip our fedora. Indeed, we thank God for such men as Owen, Watson, Baxter, Newton, Brooks, and Trapp, and we are equally thankful for those men who have kept their works in print.

Very clearly there have been no greater masters in all Israel than the Puritans. The vast corpus of literature left in their wake (without word processors) has never been matched. Despite all the Puritan works which are currently available, however, we noticed one glaring omission: no one ever compiled the complete works of J.C. Ryle.

Now Bishop Ryle was no small churchman. Certainly he was no less a Puritan than any of his predecessors. His love for God and his love for the truth are evident in every word he wrote. To be sure, Holiness should be mandatory reading for all Christians.

So we intend to publish the complete works of J.C. Ryle, one volume at a time, in a uniform set. Eventually, after we get a few more titles under our belt, we hope to reprint other Puritans also; but for now we will focus our attention on the writings of the first Bishop of Liverpool.

In the nineteenth century,the ministry of J.C. Ryle built up hundreds of thousands of souls, and we hope that our generation will benefit from his gift as well. More importantly, we pray our services will be used, in some small way, to rebuild the gates of Zion. Indeed, we pray for that day when the Church will “posses the gates of her enemies” and “the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”

Yours in the faith,

Charles Nolan

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